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9 Proofreading Tips to Improve Your Resume

Writing a good resume can be the difference between getting a great job and not hearing anything back from potential employers. Your resume is typically the first thing potential employers see. You want to make sure your resume is a good reflection of you and your abilities. Most people who read your resume do not …

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The Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The nature of work is shifting rapidly. AI and machine learning are already being used to automate tasks, like data processing, freeing up employees for higher-level creative thinking, problem solving, and more. AI and machine learning get a lot of attention for their boundary-breaking and workforce-shifting capabilities, but what do advances in AI and machine …

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What Makes a Successful Leader?

Great leadership is something that is highly sought after but also often misunderstood. Leadership isn’t simply sitting behind a desk, telling other people what to do. Sure, that might be a small part of it, but good leadership involves much more. Successful business leaders have to know when they are working too hard. That may …

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The Future of Federal Work

The future of work is upon us. That means changes in the way we spend our time, the technologies we use, and what roles we occupy in the workplace. Automation, AI, and smart technologies mean tomorrow’s workers will be more productive than ever, but those same technologies pose growing pains for industries of all kinds.  …

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Using Online Platforms to Engage in Your Professional Community

Joining professional communities is vital to career growth. While in-person communities and networking events are beneficial (and worthwhile), make sure you’re not overlooking the many online platforms available to you for professional engagement. These platforms come in all shapes and sizes — from the big, recognizable ones (like LinkedIn) to small-business-focused sites (like Alignable). We’ll …


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